Creating a Culture of Fundraising (Webinar)

Join me next week, Thursday January 11th, at 2pm eastern time for a webinar I am delivering for the Foundation Center about creating a culture of fundraising.

At the heart of all organizational capacity building is workplace culture, and nonprofits and foundations are no exception to this rule. The problem is that culture is usually thought of as being about high-level values and concepts, but in reality it’s made up of a complex network of behavior-focused cultural building blocks. Until we work on those, we won’t see the results we want - e.g. stronger capacity and sustainability - and the lack of attention on culture can even hold us back. Aligning fundraising efforts with cultural priorities is no different, but often overlooked. In this webinar, culture expert Jamie Notter will share his current research and practice on nonprofit workplace culture and share concrete tips for working on the key building blocks necessary for creating a real “culture of fundraising” inside your organization.

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