Managing Conflict with Confidence: New Online Course!

We are excited to announce our latest online training program over on our WorkXO Solutions site: Managing Conflict with Confidence: 8 Tips for Better Conflict Conversations. Many of you know that my background started in the field of conflict resolution. I got my master’s degree in conflict analysis and resolution back in the early 90s, and in addition to my many years of consulting around conflict issues in organizations, I spent time early in my career delivering conflict resolution training programs in areas of ethnic conflict internationally.

So, needless to say, I have a few things to say about conflict. The online course is modeled after a course I’ve been doing for some time with groups in person. We think it will work well both for individuals to take on their own, as well as teams/groups inside organizations who can watch the videos online and then do the exercises together as a group.

The course is based on a simple, but important, premise: if we would just successfully work through the tough conversations more effectively, more frequently, and earlier on in the conflict, it would all get MUCH easier. So the 8 tips we cover address issues of emotional intelligence, giving and receiving feedback, interest-based negotiation, and an awesome tool that I have used with nearly all of my clients in the last 20 years: the ladder of inference.

It’s an online course, so it consists of a series of short videos (5-20 minutes), followed by a quiz, some exercises, discussion questions, downloadable resources, and a suggested reading list. The online platform also has a “discussion” function, so you can ask questions and interact both with me and other participants as you work through the program.

You can sign up as an individual, but we also offer a private, branded instance for a single organization or team, so contact me if you’re interested in that option.

You can see the full outline of the program here. Access to the first lesson is free, so check it out!