Data maturity through 3 lenses - strategic, operational and cultural

I don’t do as much speaking as I used to, but when I say yes it’s to the really awesome conferences that have a different take on things. I was lucky enough to be invited to speak at Good Tech Fest in Chicago alongside Karen Graham, of Idealware (now part of Tech Impact), and Jenn Taylor of Deep Why Design. Our session, for an awesome audience of pretty advanced nonprofit data practitioners, was about looking at data maturity from three different but related lenses:

  • understanding data maturity as a spectrum and a developmental model,

  • matching tools to your level of data maturity, and

  • culture's intersection with data maturity.

The slides below should give you a good snapshot of what we talked about.

A nice metaphor for our three areas could be head, hands, heart: data maturity as 1) a strategic spectrum (the head) - WHY it’s important, 2) as an operational process (the hands) - how you’re using data; and 3) as a way of understanding culture (the heart) - the connective tissue that ties everything together… that also creates the impact, the purpose, the whole that’s bigger than the sum of its parts.

Maddie GrantComment