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A Better Way To Understand Your Culture

To make your culture stronger, you will need a set of analytics that cuts through all the internal noise about what people like or dislike about your culture.

It’s not about good or bad (yet). It starts with understanding what is.


Are you frustrated by engagement survey results that aren't giving you the insights you need to take action? 

That's because engagement surveys measure how people feel about your culture, they don't tell you what your culture is.  And traditional culture assessments are abstract and arbitrary models that measure you against some mysterious good or bad scale - and benchmark you against other organizations that are not you.  Your culture is not good or bad - it's either the right one for you, or it could use some love and attention to bring it back to alignment with what drives your success. 

We were frustrated with the lack of true insight in the culture assessments we've come across, so we decided to build our own. In 2016, we created the Workplace Genome® culture assessment with HR expert Charlie Judy, deriving the model from our research.  We’ve been studying the changes that are happening in leadership and management for over a decade, and we know that today’s employees need to understand their culture in terms that they care about as humans. They care about collaboration and inclusion. They care about transparency and innovation. They need to know how your culture does these things, how people truly experience your workplace.  

Our model measures 8 Culture Markers - Agility, Collaboration, Growth, Inclusion, Innovation, Technologies, Transparency, and Solutions - and the 8 building blocks that make up each one - along a continuum of traditional to contemporary to  futurist.  It does not measure good or bad. It tells you WHAT IS - at a granular, nonjudgmental level - and the insights you get from it are immediately actionable.

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