Culture Integration

Start treating culture like the core management function it actually is.

Operationalize the great culture work you’ve done. Make permanent changes to workplace processes and structures to make your culture sustainable and long term.


When you work with us on your culture, you jumpstart your organization’s culture management maturity by coming in at level 2 in our Maturity Model above. To level up to 3, 4, and 5 (managed, embedded, and integrated), you will build out your culture integration and culture management to ensure your culture alignment work is sustainable over the long term. We’ll share a lot more about how this works in our Culture Management Maturity Model white paper and ebook, coming soon.

We offer both short- and long-term consulting projects to help you get this done, addressing the areas listed below. You can actually pick and choose from elements across all three of these levels—it doesn’t always have to be done sequentially—and we will tailor our level of involvement to your budget and unique needs.


Level 3 – Managed

  • Establishing a permanent, cross-functional culture team

  • Training for HR staff on culture management roles

  • Project management support as you implement plays from your Culture Playbook

  • Designing and measuring culture change metrics unique to your priorities

  • Training middle management on their role in supporting culture change

  • Creating action-planning templates for subgroups or multiple locations within your organization

  • Creating and disseminating internal artifacts describing your culture

  • Developing an annual culture budget


Level 4 – Embedded

  • Aligning recruiting and hiring practices with culture

  • Including culture in performance management processes

  • Redesigning the on-boarding process

  • Redesigning career paths and professional development approach

  • Writing up job descriptions for full- or part-time Culture Operations positions

  • Refresh of employer branding and web site

  • Aligning internal policies and culture

  • Evaluate/redesign physical space/facilities based on culture


Level 5 - Integrated

  • Redesign leadership development programs based on culture

  • Integrate culture into strategic planning processes

  • Revise governance roles to align with culture

  • Add/revise KPIs based on culture