Culture Management

Start treating culture like the core management function it actually is.

Culture is just like your finances or any other core leadership function—it should be managed on an ongoing basis, and you’ll probably need some help in that arena.

Here are specific interventions that can support your ongoing culture work: 

    • Outsourced Culture Management. Put in place key roles, processes, and systems to operationalize culture work.

    • Culture Code. Create or refresh slide deck or materials for communicating culture internally or externally

    • Conflict Resolution. Training for staff or direct interventions

    • Retreats. Board, Senior Staff, or Full Staff retreats to tackle key culture and strategy issues.

    • Digital Strategy. Ensure your culture supports the evolution of your digital strategy.

    • Performance Management. Redesign your processes to ensure they understand and reward the behaviors that drive your success.

    • Change Management Coaching. Advisory services for C-suite executives on managing change, particularly in the context of culture work.