Culture Tool: Predictive Index


What is it?

Predictive Index is a personality type assessment (with a long history) that is now online, bundled with a suite of tools for applying it to HR, specifically hiring and teambuilding.

How would I use this tool in a Culture Playbook?

To help shift your culture to be more focused on your employees.

Solutions is the Culture Marker in our assessment that measures, among other things, how focused your organization is on its employees. One of the specific Building Blocks within this Marker is Tailored Responses, which is based on how your employees rate the following statement: “My company understands and responds to my individual and unique needs.” In fact, this particular Block has the strongest correlation (in the data so far) to an individual’s willingness to recommend their organization as a place to work (which we think is the best simple measure of employee engagement). We’ve also noticed that the People-Centric Solutions Block (“We design our organization around the needs of employees”) tends to score more traditional than other Blocks.

So if you want to start designing your organization around the needs of employees, rather than just the needs of management, it would make sense that you would want to understand better who they really are as individuals. Predictive Index uses a very short, online assessment that is based on how individuals see themselves, AND how they think others see them, and like other personality assessments, it presents results along a number of continua, like collaborative-independent, reserved-sociable, etc.

The platform can then produce reports on the makeups of specific teams, which could reveal gaps or an imbalance of approaches and preferences that could be inhibiting team performance. You can also analyze specific job descriptions based on the model to help you place people in jobs that are more aligned with who they are as people. Or it could be used to help deepen the conversations you have around performance management.

Human Workplaces has a partnership agreement with Predictive Index, so we can help you with the set up and implementation, and connect it directly to your culture work. Contact us for details.