Culture Tool: PropFuel


What is it?

PropFuel is a pulse survey engine that can be used with employees or customers (or both) to get feedback using a single question, delivered via email on a specific schedule/cadence. The reporting platform helps you analyze the responses to make the data actionable. The tool also has a feature for peer-to-peer feedback (“props”).

How would I use this tool in a Culture Playbook?

To help shift your culture to be more focused on either employees or customers.

One of the 8 Culture Markers in our assessment is “Solutions,” which includes an analysis of both your internal focus and external focus as an organization. Building Blocks in the assessment like Customer Focus and Incorporating Outside Perspectives provide data on your external focus, while People-Centric Solutions and Tailored Responses reveal what your people think about the extent of your focus on employees.

Obviously if you want to become more focused on either your customers or your employees, then it makes sense to ask them some questions. PropFuel allows you to design any number of campaigns where you can ask a specific audience a series of single questions, often paired with a simple follow up question. The questions are delivered via email, and you can write your own or choose from a bank of existing questions that PropFuel has developed. You decide the frequency of the questions, and you can sequence them so they build off of each other over time.

In applying this internally to employees, the responses people give to specific questions can help you better understand issues you are facing in a customized way. Unlike our culture assessment, the responses to these questions are NOT confidential—knowing who said what (or who did not respond) is a key piece in figuring out what to do with the information. This tool can also be used to gather Net Promoter Score data (from either employees or customers) on a regular basis.

Human Workplaces has a partnership agreement with PropFuel, and we can help you with the set up and implementation to ensure it connects directly to your culture work. Contact us for details.

What do customers say about it?

We are a strategy and marketing agency. We implemented PropFuel to establish another channel for our leadership team to hear from our employees and gain insights into themes and trends in our workplace. We've been very happy with the experience to-date. PropFuel was super easy to get set up and launched and requires minimal time to keep it going. The simplicity of use belies the value we can get from it! We've been able to gather rich perspectives from many of our employees - whether it be about their thoughts on our strategy, their own jobs or other areas. The insights we gather from from them allows us to be more proactive in sharing information and, generally, addressing key issues.

While less of a motivation for us to implement PropFuel was the ability to give "props" to colleagues for their contributions. This has been another great add for PropFuel and one that all of our employees - not just the millennials - use and enjoy.

Overall, we are very happy with our decision to implement PropFuel with our employees. We are now beginning to extend its use with our Customers.

From the day I was introduced to PropFuel I was impressed. After two ZOOM calls, I was sold! Excellent product, great results, and continuous outstanding customer service. Dave, Cam, the entire team is fantastic and is super attentive and reliable. Our company has certainly embraced the platform and we now give out awards during our Company-wide Quarterly Reviews, PropFuel MVP's and more! We have seen a robust participation from everyone in the company and PropFuel is now woven into the fabric of our culture. Gaining feedback from your team on a weekly basis, coupled with the opportunity to recognize a team member in a fun uplifting positive way, it's a no brainer! No wonder why Forbes magazine recommended PropFuel as the #1 internal tool every company should have in 2018. We just hired our 54th employee and by day one of their on-boarding they are introduced to TheMassPayWay and PropFuel is now a big part of how we treat one another in the office. Rally around each other, give each other props, high-fives, pat on the backs, that type of chemistry fuels our company! More companies should have this mindset. At MassPay, We Believe People Make The Difference! We remind them of that on a weekly basis thanks to PropFuel, one of those tools that does great work for our team morale!

PropFuel provided us with a vehicle to fully engage our employees and contractors in a bi-directional conversation. It has changed our culture .. and added HUGE positive value. The PropFuel team worked side by side with me to develop questions that truly revealed missing information that helped us serve our team better and better!

My company started using Propfuel in early 2018 and we have received great feedback from it and about it. We use it to build culture and also to make sure we continue to be an awesome place to work. We're a growing startup and prior to Propfuel didn't have an effective way to make sure people weren't getting overloaded or confirm that everyone has what they need to get their job done well. We use the Team Survey function to check in on workload and other areas employees may not feel they have an avenue to bring up on their own. We love the Group Discussion questions and use them to promote dialogue between employees and also to brainstorm business ideas. It's a very intuitive system to use and while we don't use Slack yet, we will be soon and I'm excited to see how the integration works!