Culture Tool: TriNet


Culture Tool: TriNet

What is it?

TriNet is an outsourced HR solution, offering an online platform plus expert HR support that will take care of much of the administrative aspects of HR (payroll, benefits, performance reviews, etc.), freeing up your internal HR resources to focus more on strategic issues and culture management.

How would I use this tool in a Culture Playbook?

To free up HR or other leaders to spend more time doing culture management.

One of the biggest challenges to doing effective culture work is bandwidth. Everyone in your organization has a day job, and rarely is culture an explicit part of it. Even within culture’s natural home, Human Resources, there is a constant tension between handling the administrative and compliance side of HR and the more strategic part of HR, where culture lives. And given a choice, it’s kind of like Maslow’s hierarchy of needs—you have to take care of the compliance and admin stuff first.

So TriNet is not a traditional culture tool like the others we feature, in that it’s not a play that would specifically shift the culture—it’s a play that would then free up resources for people to implement other plays. That being said, you can apply this tool to other plays—like improving performance reviews or investing in professional development, as it has modules related to administering those areas. And it also covers basic workforce analytics.

Human Workplaces has a partnership agreement with TriNet, so contact us and we can make an introduction to the right people there.