In our culture consulting, we help clients create a "Culture Playbook" of specific changes they plan to make in order to strengthen their culture. As a resource, we’ve created this vetted lists of tools and service providers that can help them successfully implement those "plays."

As you will see from the list below, the Tools cover a broad range of applications, including project management, collaboration, feedback mechanisms, performance reviews, intranets, and even an AI chatbot for knowledge management. And it’s not all tech—we’ve got some service providers and consultants that can help you with HR, diversity and inclusion, or conflict resolution.

Browse this list to get a sense of the types of software and services we have explored in our travels. We will continue to add recommendations to this section of our site. Contact us if you need help with vendor selection for a specific culture play.


We have partnerships with a number of specific tools/services, which means we can tell you more about the product or service, make introductions, and in some cases help manage the implementation. Each company link in this list takes you to a more detailed page on our site with our take on how to apply the tool to your culture work. (Contact us if you’d like to be listed as a partner.)

Predictive Index    [personality type assessment]

This personality assessment dates back to the 1950s, but it is now online and bundled with a suite of tools for applying it to HR, specifically hiring and team-building.

PropFuel    [employee and customer micro-surveys]

This is a pulse survey engine that can be used with employees or customers (or both) to get feedback using a single question, delivered via email on a specific schedule/cadence. The reporting platform helps you analyze the responses to make the data actionable. The tool also has a feature for peer-to-peer feedback (“props”).

QuestionPro Workforce    [employee experience, workforce analytics]

Workforce is a specific product from the survey company, QuestionPro, and it can be used to create and manage internal employee surveys that can be the heart of your workforce analytics and employee experience efforts. On a side note, QuestionPro acquired our previous company, WorkXO, so this is now the home of the Workplace Genome culture assessment that we implement with clients.

TriNet    [outsourced HR administration]

Online platform plus expert HR support so you can outsource a lot of the administrative aspects of HR, including payroll, benefits, etc. Designed to free up internal HR resources to focus more on strategic issues and culture management. Modules include support for performance management, learning management, and basic workforce analytics. 


And here’s a long list of other tools you might want to check out as well (the links here will go to the company website).

Align    [strategic alignment and execution]

Align is an online platform designed to help you manage and implement your strategic plan. Functionality includes the ability to modify plans on a quarterly basis and have them exist where everyone can see the updated version at the same time (of everything, from vision to goals to priorities to KPIs, etc.). The platform also allows other information to be included, like DISC profile information, pulse surveys, and eNPS data.

Asana    [project management]

Online project management tool for teams/organizations. You can create tasks, give them deadlines, and assign them to individuals on the team. If you pay for the advanced features, you can view a dashboard with all your projects on them, update the status and have threaded conversations with other team members about the project.

Basecamp    [project management and team communication]

This comprehensive project management software gives you a central place to store documents, communicate with other team members, and manage deadlines.

BetterMe    [employee development driven by feedback]

This is a development platform where employees can receive constructive feedback at any time, regardless of their role. It enables them, and their managers, to keep track of performance and development in an agile and dynamic way. This includes conversations: employees can ask for additional clarification on the feedback they received, ask for more tips or recommendations for how to improve, or add any additional information about their performance. And the platform produces Intuitive graphics that combine feedback from various stakeholders and help employees identify their key strengths and opportunities to improve.

Bonusly    [rewards program and employee recognition tool]

This is a rewards program and personal recognition tool to help drive employee engagement and culture. The tool lets employees recognize each other by awarding small bonuses to their colleagues. Some of the rewards they allow include Amazon, Apple, and Starbucks gift cards. It also provides visualization of insights related to engagement, performance and collaboration and allows you to identify top performers. You can use GIFs, comments, images, etc. within your comments to try to make recognition fun and engaging. It has web, iOS, and Androids apps, and can integrate with other tools such as Slack.

Cage    [project management and media collaboration]

This is an online project management tool, but it is designed specifically for creative teams. It has much of the usual project management functionality, but it allows you to add comments to several different file types (PDF, video, audio, etc.) that would be useful in a creative project. You can also share differently with "clients" and "bosses" so they don't have to see works that are unfinished or in progress.

Hazel    [manager training delivered via Slack]

This tool operates within another tool on this site--Slack. It can give managers feedback from their team on strengths and areas of improvement, and it can deliver micro training modules directly within slack to help them develop. It also allows for weekly check-ins between managers and direct reports.

Ideascale    [idea management]

This is an online platform for idea management, and it is particularly relevant to innovation and strategy. The platform allows users to submit ideas and then vote them up or down so you can crowdsource idea management and prioritization.

Igloo    [intranet, digital workspace]

Comprehensive enterprise intranet that includes tools for communication, scheduling, project management, file sharing, and online organizational charts. It also includes company directories and tools for recognition.

iRevü    [real-time performance management]

This software that enables employee feedback from any mobile device or desktop. You can tie employee feedback to both company values or individual employee or team goals. All performance review and appraisal data are exportable into existing annual review forms.

Jane.AI    [knowledge management]

This is an artificial intelligence driven chatbot used to create a database of your organization’s knowledge and increase transparency. It is constantly learning through integrations with email, calendars, CRM systems, HRIS, ticketing, and cloud drives. Ask the tool a question about who knows what in your organization and it will find the answer. If it doesn’t have the information it needs, then it will look through your company’s data and find a solution, and then remember the answer for the next time a similar question is asked. Employees can ask questions about HR policies, PTO balance, and benefits. It can also send reminders about timecards, help with new hire onboarding, answer questions employees have about new software your company is implementing. 

Jazz HR    [recruiting, applicant tracking]

This is an online applicant tracking system that allows you to include culture information into the platform.

Joe Gerstandt    [diversity/inclusion training, speaking]

Joe is a leader helping organizations understand diversity and inclusion. As a keynote speaker and consultant, Joe works with Fortune 500 companies, small non-profits, and everything in between. If your culture assessment reveals significant difference in experience along gender, generation, or race/ethnicity, Joe can help you better understand what’s going on and develop some concrete action plans around it.

Jostle    [cloud-based intranet]

Dubbed a “people engagement” platform, Jostle’s product covers events, newsfeed, and “shout outs” to fellow employees. Jostle includes an organization chart and employee directory (with expertise info) and facilitates team discussions to encourage collaboration.

Motivosity    [feedback and rewards]

This is a feedback and rewards platform which allows employees to send small monetary rewards to each other. The product also includes the ability to give feedback, create and distribute satisfaction surveys, view data-driven insights, and create organizational charts. Employees can also create personality profiles of themselves so that co-workers can get to know each other better, and the platform can also keep track of milestones such as birthdays.

MyRhythm    [system to connect strategies with vital behaviors]

This system focuses on identifying and developing the specific behaviors inside organizations that have been identified as critical to delivering on specific strategies. It can be used in building high-performance teams and high-motivation cultures. The system maps the behaviors to the goals, then measures adoption on both an individual and team level, and then gives data-rich feedback to help support people in making further progress.

Pingboard    [online organizational chart]

Online software that enables you to create and share an organizational chart. Works with any kind of structure and allows you to organize cross-functional teams as well.

Sketchboard    [virtual whiteboard tool]

This tool allows face-to-face and remote teams to flesh out ideas visually. It can save your sketches and is cloud-based so everyone can access them from wherever. Their site has a gallery of ideas for how your team can use their shapes. It automatically creates backups daily so that nothing is lost. Anytime your team updates a sketch, a notification is sent to all teammates so that they can know about any changes. The tool also integrates with slack, GitHub, GoogleDrive, and others.

Slack    [team collaboration and communication]

Slack is a communication platform that allows team members to communicate in different “channels” within a single interface. This allows people to quickly pick and choose which messages to read when, based on which channel is most pressing for them at the moment.

Small Improvements    [performance feedback]

Online platform for administering performance reviews, including 360-reviews and continuous feedback. The platform is highly configurable. As an admin you can change and combine building blocks based on your specific needs and adjust the look and feel. There are a variety of options to choose from when defining review forms, 360 processes, and objectives guidelines.

Smartsheet    [project management, collaboration]

Robust project management software, Smartsheet targets larger organizations, and part of their product focuses on automation and comprehensive reporting.

Song Division    [teambuilding through music]

This company develops creative corporate event solutions to help organizations communicate their message and entertain an audience, through the power and magic of music. Programs are tailored to the client’s needs and focus on areas like teambuilding, meetings and events, marketing and advertising, and internal professional development.

Spigit    [innovation and idea management]

This tool uses artificial intelligence to manage ideation and innovation. Employees post questions or ideas, and others vote and provide feedback. Administrators are able to compare and consolidate ideas to let everyone know what to prioritize throughout the organization. They can also restrict visibility of ideas if needed, and/or allow users to recognize each other and provide positive feedback for good behaviors on the platform.

StarMeUp    [employee recognition]

This is an employee recognition platform that empowers employees to recognize their colleagues, in the moment, when they are doing things that are in line with the organization's core values. It communicates the behaviors that are valued, and is gamified to make it fun. The continual interaction between employees gives the organization a real-time view into the dynamics of the organization, enabling to quickly identify cultural strengths and opportunities to improve.

Teamphoria    [recognition, performance, feedback]

A cross-cutting "employee engagement" tool, we list it here because of its functionality related to awards, recognition, and 360-reviews. The platform is also gamified so employees can get points for the work they are doing. You can also stream your organizations activity feed to a TV or projector so that everyone can keep track of the teams’ progress.

Transparent Choice    [decision making and project prioritization]

This software allows multiple stakeholders to weigh in on important decisions and then produces numbers and graphs that indicate the priority order of the different choices. They have a specific instance of the software built around project prioritization, and have also built one out specifically for agile software teams to use in prioritizing their backlog.

Trello    [project management]

This is a project management and organization tool which is free, simple, and syncs across all of your devices. You can prioritize projects using their boards, lists, and cards. The tool lets teams’ comment, add attachments, and create due dates for different projects. It integrates with many of the apps that you are probably already using, like Google Drive, Dropbox, Slack, calendars, and others. It also allows you to create custom backgrounds and stickers.

Wevue    [communicating and sharing culture]

This tool enables communication within an organization, primarily via photos and videos (and emphasizing the use of your smartphone). The goal is to use it to strengthen culture through interaction, as short phone-recorded videos and video montages allow employees to share their personal lives and connect with coworkers. It also includes pulse survey capability.

WorkHuman (formerly Globoforce)    [rewards, recognition]

Designed for large enterprises, Globoforce's "WorkHuman" product revolves primarily around rewards and recognition. Employees are able to have conversation with each other, give recognition to coworkers, commemorate personal and organizational milestones (i.e. anniversaries, promotions, birthdays, etc.), and keep track of company outings, charity events, and other celebrations. They have also expanded into other areas, like a pulse survey tool and a diversity and inclusion monitoring system.

Zoho Workplace    [communication and collaboration]

Originally focused on project management, they have expanded to a number of apps, ranging from finance, to CRM. Their "Workplace" bundle includes basic office apps like word processing and email, but also tools for instant messaging and team collaboration.

Zoom    [video conferencing]

This is a cloud-based video conferencing tool. It includes HD video and HD voice conversations for one-on-one conversations, and group meetings. The tool allows you to share screens, send documents, photos, and videos. Participants are able to call in using a dial-in number, through the desktop, and mobile apps. It offers a secure connection, whiteboarding, virtual backgrounds, scheduling of meetings, and integrates with 3rd party teleconferencing services.

We know this is a lot! If you want help with vendor selection or analysis of specific culture tools, please contact us.