TEMPLATE: Culture Team Charter

One of the biggest challenges to culture work is making it sustainable, and one of the best responses to that challenge that we have seen is to create a cross-functional, multi-layered “Culture Team” to continuously support your ongoing culture management work. Find people inside your organization who care about culture and are willing to give up a few hours a month to be a part of that work. And by making the team as diverse as possible, it allows you to quickly to connect to groups anywhere in your organization.

If you want to make the Culture Team a formal part of your organization, then you can create a “Charter” that establishes them.

Here is a Charter Template that we have created to help you get started.


We help clients create internal culture teams for nearly all of our consulting projects, and at the end of the project, many of the clients want to convert the project-based team into something more permanent. This template provides some language and structure for creating such a team.


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