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Meet them below. Do you have expertise in something culture-related and want to join the fam? Contact us and tell us about yourself.


Jared Weintraub

Jared holds a Master’s degree in I/O psychology and a certification as a Senior Professional of Human Resources (SPHR). He has worked with start-ups and organizations across various industries, providing internal and external consulting, coaching, and managing marketing and sales teams. He is currently, a Ph.D. Candidate in Applied Organizational Psychology and an Instructor at Hofstra University, where he is conducting research on Flow Theory - how, when, and why individuals, teams, and organizations can get into “the Zone”. His over ten years of experience include: designing and implementing training programs, coaching, employee engagement, and performance management.


Joe Henry

Joe Henry, a native Washingtonian, is a strongman competitor turned consultant. He aims to use the lessons he’s learned about leverage, creative thinking, and prioritization to help you transform your companies’ people and culture.  Joe Henry is a graduate of Towson University where he studied Sociology and Anthropology.

As a consultant, Henry helps companies develop collaborative creative cultures and effectively engage their multigenerational workforces. Work is changing; it’s about time we changed the way we think about the workplace.


Maggie McGary

Maggie is CEO & Chief Strategist at McGary Associates, a consultancy that provides online community strategy, content creation and web development services. She’s led digital communications at several prominent associations, including the American Speech-Language Hearing Association and the American Psychological Association. Widely recognized as a technology leader and innovator in the association space, Maggie was named to Association TRENDS' 2016 "Tech 10" list, and recognized by the Angerosa Research Foundation as "Publishing Trendsetter," an award recognizing innovation that advances association publishing. She is a frequent presenter at association events and a blogger whose articles have been published in The Washington Post, Association Trends, Associations Now, Signature Magazine and Social Media Today. You can connect with her on Twitter @maggielmcg and read her blog at


Ted Bauer

Originally from New York City, Ted Bauer currently lives in Fort Worth, Texas. He’s a writer and editor for RecruitingDaily who focuses on leadership, management, HR, recruiting, marketing, and the future of work. His popular blog, The Context of Things, has a simple premise — how to improve work. Ted has a Bachelors in Psychology from Georgetown and a Masters in Organizational Development from the University of Minnesota. In addition to various blogging and ghost-writing gigs, he’s also worked for brands such as McKesson, PBS, ESPN, and more. You can follow Ted on Twitter @tedbauer2003, connect with him on LinkedIn, or reach him on email at