Let’s make “culture management” a thing.

Workplace culture does not always get the attention it needs, as other priorities jump into the foreground. You might have done some work to get to your core values, but once the initial enthusiasm has died down, how do you operationalize this culture work and make it effective, ongoing, and sustainable over the long term? How do you ensure your culture is continuously and tightly aligned with organizational success?

Culture is just like your finances or any other core leadership function—it should be managed on an ongoing basis with the right systems, processes, and people in place. But can you outsource this? We say yes.

Overworked HR Leaders - this engagement is for you.

We will fill the culture management gap in your organization, without taking HR away from its current priorities. We’ll help you create the proper roles, processes, and systems for designing, implementing, and measuring culture alignment efforts on an ongoing basis. We give you just enough help to push your culture management work over the hump and help you build an effective, stable, and long-term infrastructure for ongoing, measurable success.

We work with senior HR (and/or other C-Suite) leaders to strengthen culture management in the following areas:

  • Culture Roles

Who in the organization is responsible for moving culture work forward? (Hint: if “everyone” is responsible for culture, then no one will do it.) We’ll help you establish and support a cross-functional and multi-level “culture team” that will serve as a focal point for your ongoing culture work.

  • Culture Metrics

Understanding the “what is” of your culture. What are the patterns? Where are the insights? We’ll evaluate any culture or engagement data you currently have and help you decide on future data collection and analysis.

  • Change Priorities and Action Plans

What parts of the culture should be either fixed or reinforced to drive success? We’ll help you sharpen your change efforts by focusing on areas that are a combination of “making it real” (quick, visible wins) and “making it permanent” (longer-term infrastructure changes). 

  • Change Metrics

How will you know if you’re moving the needle on your priorities? We’ll help you gather the right quantitative and qualitative data so you can show your people where you’re making a difference.

  • Culture Tools

What technology are you using to support your culture management efforts? We’ll help you sort through your options and deploy the right technology tools to make your culture work more effective.

  • Culture Communications

Is the whole organization on board? We’ll review how any culture work has been communicated across the organization (and externally if relevant) and opportunities to share ongoing work going forward.

….All of this in a simple 8-10 hour/month retainer engagement.