People Dynamics

Start improving your culture from the inside out and the ground floor up.

Exceptional cultures are fine-tuned to make people successful, so the most essential culture work you can do is to start with the internal, individual relationships and team dynamics that are getting in the way.

Our research and experience points to three critical areas in “people dynamics” that have the biggest impact, and we can help you with each one. We use the Predictive Index behavioral assessment to help you align teams and individuals based on workstyle patterns, expectations, and job needs; we facilitate workshops for senior staff; and we do training, coaching and direct interventions for conflict resolution.

Our Culture Design work starts with the whole system, looking holistically from the outside in; our People Dynamics work allows you to start with one individual, team or department and build out the right culture from the inside out.


People Patterns & Team Dynamics

Predictive Index Behavioral Assessments for Individuals and Teams.

The questions in our system-wide culture assessment that have the highest correlation with positive employee engagement are all about a strong focus on understanding and responding to employee needs.

If you’re not paying attention to the uniqueness of your individual employees, they will be looking for a job somewhere else. The Predictive Index tool is a behavioral assessment that you can use to understand every employee and then align people with the right jobs and build more effective teams. We are certified to help you implement and use the tool to identify and fix the people patterns that are getting in the way of success.


Leadership Teams

Facilitated workshops or retreats to identify and solve key dynamics or issues at the senior level and create better alignment with culture.

When it comes to defining culture, everyone looks up, so the behavior of the senior team becomes a critical factor.

We can design and facilitate a retreat for your senior team that drills down quickly to the most important issues that are affecting senior team performance, or contributing to internal issues that are getting in the way of success. This is not about trust falls or teambuilding exercises. This is about working through difficult conversations and solving real problems with a facilitator who has been doing this work for decades.


Conflict Resolution

Conflict resolution training workshops for staff, coaching, or direct interventions to solve conflict issues directly.

Two of the culture building blocks that have the strongest correlation are (a) managing change and (b) handling conflict.

If you want to effectively deal with today’s world of rapid change, you’d better be able to address conflicts when they emerge in your organization. Unfortunately, this is a big challenge in most organizations. Fortunately, we can help. We offer a half-day training in conflict resolution that focuses on skills needed for handling conflict conversations, and we can also do direct interventions (usually in the form of an off-site retreat) for teams that are stuck in conflict.